Aquasana Water Filter Review

The Aquasana water filter is a device used to filter water of any kind into purest and tastiest form. To fill the tank of Aquasana model we need 2.5 gallons of impure water or simply river water. The filter is made up of reinforced carbon material. There are two methods of filtration, one is reverse osmosis and the other one is oxidation.
Maximum water filter available in the market filter the water through the oxidation process. Oxidation involves anode and cathode which is connected on either side. Metal impurities are attracted towards one ion and rest of the impurities is attracted to the other ion. This is the way water filtration takes place in the water filter and this Aquasana also works under the same principle.

Aquasana AQ-PWFS-P-W 8-Cup Pitcher Powered Water Filtration System

There are two types of Aquasana found in the market. First one is 8-cup pitcher powered water filtration system and the other one is 16-cup pitcher water filtration system. There is no major difference between both only the number of cup varies. This water filter system comes with the same setup like other in the market.


  • This filter weighs 2.9 pounds. This is an average weight when compared with other models
  • This model comes with two variants one with 8 cup and the other one with 16 cup.
  • Heavy metals like lead and mercury are completely filtered out.
  • And chemicals that are used in fields such as insecticides and pesticides are filtered clearly.
  • Unfiltered water found in the open sources such as river, stream, ponds, springs can be filtered easily to avoid harmful microbes present in them.
  • This uses latest technology which enables to filter the entire amount which is given in input amount of water will be equal to the output.
  • The total amount of water wastage is minimal.
  • This also filters asbestos from the water. Asbestos is cement like chemical which are found in water. This is filtered from the water with the help of ozone formulation.
  • This water will be more taste because of addition of ozone in huge amount. The ozone breaks its O3 bond into three different O, which increases the oxygen content of the water.
  • This process also increases the taste of the water.
  • Filter can work for 3 months and next filter must be fixed.


  • When power shortage occurs the filter may not be able to work.
  • This works under direct current only. Battery is not present.

This filter has low disadvantages and high advantage. People living in third world countries are limited with natural resource. Developed countries exploit their wealth and results them in chaos. Water pollution is the great threat nowadays. Water related diseases bring severe damages to human health. Water filter present in each and everyone house ensures there health safety. This Aquasana water filter is costly but almost it filters all microbes and diseases causing materials.

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