Eddy Water Descaler Electric Water Softener Review 2020

Anyone who is looking for water softeners on the market would’ve come across the Eddy Electronic Water Descaler. This water softener brand is well-known to be an impressive alternative to a salt-based water softening system. The Eddy Water Descaler also softens water, but it does it in a different way from the standard water softeners.

What makes the Eddy Water Descaler unique and different from other water softening systems is the fact that, as a salt-free water softener, it makes use of magnetic fields to fight the effects of hard water. The unit doesn’t get rid of the minerals that cause lime-scale buildup in your water, but it temporarily stops it and so, the hard water minerals wouldn’t manifest for 48 hours.

This unit is an alternative to salt-based water systems, meaning that it doesn’t use sodium to soften water. Thus, you should know that the Eddy Water Descaler is great for those on sodium diets.

The Eddy Water Descaler system is quite popular, and so to help you with your decision, this review explores all sides of this unit for anyone looking to purchase a unique salt-free water softener.

Eddy Water Descaler Electric Water Softener: How It Works?

As we’ve mentioned, the Eddy Water Descaler makes use of electromagnetic waves to suspend the effects of hard water minerals in water like calcium, magnesium and manganese. Salt-based water softeners are usually more popular than salt-free, but which one is better between the both of them? Salt-based water softeners aren’t usually advisable for those who cannot consume a lot of salt.

In the descaler, the electromagnetic waves are put into operation across two coils that are situated around the inward bound water supply, and so it changes the type of minerals that are in the water, thus, getting rid of the hard water minerals.

When this happens, the descaler doesn’t remove any healthy minerals in the water even if it softens the water. Also, the descaler can work well with tap water or well water. It works with most of the types of pipes, apart from galvanized pipes and iron pipes.

All in all, as long as the hardness level of the water stands at 20gpg or below, the Eddy Water Descaler would work fine.

Eddy Water Descaler Electric Water Softener Features

  • Eco Friendly

The main feature of the Eddy Water Descaler is the environmentally friendly feature. The system does not make use of salt during the softening process, and so unlike in salt-based systems, salt would not end up in supply systems and freshwater sources. Salt-based systems have an adverse effect on the environment, especially with their waste water, but the Descaler is completely safe for the environment. It does not have any brine to get rid of.

  • Compact sized

The descaler is also small when placed side by side with many other water softening systems. It is light, and so because of this, it is a space saving device. If you have a small kitchen, you don’t have to worry about where to put it. Its small size also makes it really easy to install.

  • Economical

Apart from the fact that it is so cheap to purchase the Eddy Water Descaler, it is even cheaper to run. The system runs on very little power, about the same amount used to power a night light, and so you don’t have to worry about your electricity bills rising up. Also, it doesn’t need constant maintenance. You don’t have to buy salts or replace filters. Once you install it, you don’t have to spend money on anything else.

  • Retains Minerals

Another great feature of the Eddy Water Descaler is its ability to retain healthy minerals in the water. This is because it doesn’t actually remove the hard water minerals, but it suspends them instead. Because of this, healthy minerals are still in your water.

  • Money back Guarantee and Warranty

This system does not only feature an impressive lifetime warranty for its customers, but it also has a 12 month money back guarantee for 100% of your money. This means that after using it for a year, if you’re still not impressed, you can return the system and get all your money back. Also, the warranty covers repairs and replacement in case the system stops working, which is unlikely. This shows how much faith the manufacturer has in the system, and the faith is not misplaced because it highly efficient and durable.

The Package’s Contents

  • Eddy Water Descaler
  • Four wires
  • AC adapter

Installation Tips

The Eddy Water Descaler is actually very easy to install, and it can be done by anyone. It can also be done very easily. The installation does not affect your plumbing structure too, and so you don’t have to employ a plumber. This is one of the features that makes it so economical. You don’t have to remove any pipes to install the system.

To install the descaler, you just need to plug the machine and connect it to a wall or place it in a safe place. As long as the wires are twisted round the pipe efficiently, it would work as it is supposed to. The package does not come with any nails or wrenches. If you want to install it to the wall, you could use the mounting bracket.

The system also features two circuits, and so it can be used on two different pipes, one for hot water and one for cold water. Since it doesn’t require any maintenance, and the instruction manual is included in the package, you can easily get started with the system.

You need to take note of the fact that the Eddy Water Descaler is not waterproof and it is also an electric system. This means that is must not get wet or it could pose problems of a malfunction or a fire accident. It is advisable to install the system indoors in case of rain.

  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Space saving size.
  • Economical to run and environmentally friendly.
  • It retains healthy minerals.
  • It comes with a 12 month 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Also comes with a lifetime guarantee.


  • It does not completely get rid of hard water minerals. It only suspends them.
  • It does not work with galvanized, lead or iron pipes.
  • It is not waterproof and so it cannot be installed outside.
  • It doesn’t work with hardness levels above 20gpg.

Who is the Eddy Water Descaler Suitable For?

  • The system is suitable for anyone whose water supply has hard water mineral levels that are below 20gpg. If the hardness levels are higher than this, then a salt-based water softener or a stronger salt-free water softener is recommended.
  • It is suitable for those who are interested in protecting the environment.
  • It is also suitable for small families and works better in small houses, with at least two bathrooms.

Who is the Eddy Water Softener Unsuitable For?

  • It is not suitable for anyone with high levels of hard water minerals in their water, specifically those who have levels higher than 20gpg.
  • It is also not suitable for large families or big houses.


For anyone with a regular level of hard water minerals in their water supply, and those looking for an inexpensive yet highly efficient system to use, then the Eddy Electric Water Descaler is a great choice.

It is much cheaper to run than a lot of the other water softeners, and it is very easy to install. Apart from its great features, this system is an excellent recommendation to any average household.

If you’re looking for a great salt-based water softening system, you should probably try out the Fleck water softeners. We highly recommend the Fleck 5600SXT model. If not, then you should check out the Eddy Water Softener. Besides, with its 12 month 100% money-back guarantee, what do you have to lose?

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