My Fleck 5600SXT Review – Is it the Most Efficient Salt Free Softener?

Fleck 5600SXT- Watersoftener-review

If you're living in an area with hard water, then it's time to make the right investment and get an effective water softener to make washing and bathing less of a hassle. For those who are looking for one of the best water softeners out there, I introduce you to the Fleck 5600SXT, a 48,000 grain digital metered system that does the job in keeping your water safe to use. But what exactly does the Fleck 5600SXT Water Softener do and what should you watch out for?

Read on as I show you a comprehensive review of the Fleck 5600SXT Water Softener to learn more about what it can do for your household!

Fleck 5600SXT Technical Specifications

Complete System

The Fleck 5600SXT is a complete system which includes the tank, resin, control head, and the brine tank. The device also comes with a USB drive containing all the instructions you need in installing and maintaining the system, along with a pictured test kit to find out your water's hardens and amount of iron.


Digital Display and Controls

The device has an LCD display which shows the current status and error codes of the system for quick control and fixes. You'll be able to easily check the features and settings in just one glance.



The Water Softener is a metered on-demand system with a maximum capacity of 48,000 grains. It has a flow meter which measures the amount of water used and regenerated, which would save salt and reduce waste.


Quality Service

Made in the USA, the Fleck 5600SXT 48000 Grain Water Softener has the strength and durability to last for a long time. It also comes with a manufacturer warranty for replacement or repair. I’ve never had a problem servicing my Fleck products, their support is top notch.



  • High capacity unit fit for big households
  • Very soft water and makes a huge difference
  • Amazing customer service and warranty
  • Easy to install and comes with video instructions. You can do the installation yourself
  • Made out of strong and durable polyglass to last for a long time
  • Washing and bathing are now cleaner with genuine soft water. Water now tastes and feels good.
  • LCD display to make viewing features and adjustments effortless
  • The on-demand system that saves on water and reduces wastage. No need to spend a lot on salt replacemen.
  • Great pricing for its performance and efficiency


  • If you have a water heater, it will take time to replenish the hard water in your tank with soft water. It takes a few days to replace the water
  • The salt reservoir is a bit flimsy, so it may be a bit complicated to replace sal. If you don’t want this issue, then you may want to opt for a salt free system like the Eddy Water Descaler Electronic Water Softener.
    •    Packaging is extremely heavy and some have complained of receiving broken or damaged boxes.
  • You will still need to purchase a few extra accessories such as the drainage tubing and its connections
  • A bit difficult getting the resin into the tank
  • The control head is connected to a valve, which is then connected to the wall. Because of this, the head would sag and wobble a bit
  • My In-Depth Fleck 5600SXT Water Softener Review

    The Fleck 5600SXT 48000 Grain Water Softener has amazing specs but how does it perform? I've tried and tested it out myself and here's what I think of it, based on crucial factors:


    Physical Overview

    When I first received the Fleck 5600SXT Water Softener, I was a bit intimidated as to how tall and bulky it was. You have to make sure that you have the room and manpower to move it around and install it. But I did appreciate the fact that it has an LCD display, which makes it easier to control everything. Furthermore, everything came intact and without any issues, so I was able to prepare everything for installation. While a bit bulky, I didn't find any issues with its appearance.



    I was satisfied with the Fleck 5600SXT's performance. Everything worked well and the turnover of water was great unless you have a heater (it can take several days to soften hot water, depending on how many heaters there are and how much water you use).


    As for the quality of water, I can say that it is amazing. Gone are the stains or discomfort when bathing with hard water. My whole family and I were able to clean everything (including ourselves) better and the difference is outstanding!



    The Fleck 5600SXT uses a meter-based regeneration system, with four modes of operation:

    - Immediate meter regeneration

    - Delayed meter regeneration

    - Delayed time clock regeneration

    - Day of week regeneration


    These are time-based and though not the most technologically advanced, still works excellently. It has the capacity of 1.5 cubic feet and a tank that can hold 250 pounds of pelleted salt, making it less of a hassle to replace the salt every month. You also don't need to worry about overflowing, as the tank has a safety float and an overflow drain to prevent that problem from happening.


    I like the water flow rate of the Fleck 5600SXT, which is 20 gallons. This works best for the average household. Another excellent feature is its LCD display, which shows all the modes and settings for a quick and easy setup of the regeneration process, as well as the status of your soft water.



    Another thing I would like to point out about the Fleck 5600SXT is that it's available almost anywhere. Fortunately, there are many online shops and local stores that sell the water softener and there won't be any hassle of delivery. You can find this water softener from your home depot or reputable websites


    Depending on who you purchase it from, as well as shipping costs, the price would range between $500 to $700. This isn't a bad price considering all its benefits and performance. Moderately priced with high capacity and quality water, I can say it's worth the investment.


    Comparing to Other Similar Models

    As for other models, I believe that the Fleck 5600SXT is king because it comes with a host of features at a more reasonable price. It's easier to set up compared to most models and even comes with video tutorials compared to the other types of brands which give out written manuals which are difficult o understand, or none at all.


    Additionally, the Fleck 5600SXT Water Softener is a breeze to control and maintain thanks to its basic modes and display for settings.


    Installation and Maintenance

    Like mentioned before, the Fleck 5600SXT Water Softener only takes a few hours to install and setup. You can do it without the help of a plumber, taking about three hours on average. It isn't a one-man job though, as the water softener is bulky. Also, since its parts are a bit flimsy, you will need to be careful with tightening everything to ensure nothing wobbles or falls off while using it.




    As for maintaining the water softener, the water softener doesn't need a lot of attention. Fortunately, the resin tank will maintain itself after you have it programmed. Simply top it off with salt every few weeks and you're good to go.


    Warranty and Manual

    The Fleck 5600SXT 48000 Grain Water Softener comes with a five-year warranty on the control head and ten years on the tank. It also has a test kit and flash drive which contains all the video instructions you need, as well as the service manuals to help you in case of any issue during installation or maintenance.


    Is the Fleck 5600SXT Water Softener Suitable for Me?

    I believe that the Fleck 5600SXT is definitely suitable for big households with families or groups of people. Do take note, it may be an overkill for smaller homes because of its high capacity and bulky system, usually suitable for families of upto 6 members and 3 standard bathrooms! Also, I wouldn’t recommend this for very large households with six or more people (or more than three bathrooms). You’ll need another Fleck water softener with a higher capacity. People who are on sodium-restricted diets may be fine when using the water softener, as long as they don’t consume it.

    While it does have some of its drawbacks, I believe that in terms of its performance, you’ll be able to reap a ton of health benefits from it. My water is now extremely soft and safer to use, with washing being much more efficient. As long as you follow the instructions on how to install and use it, then you’ll be able to get a hang of how to adjust and view its features to save up on salt and reduce water waste.

    I don’t think I can find any major disadvantages that make the Fleck 5600SXT Water Softener unsuitable for anyone. Because it’s easy to install and learn how to adjust its controls, then you won’t have any issues with it. So unless you already have soft water, the Fleck 5600SXT is perfect for you.


    My Verdict

    Based on my research and testing, what do I think about the Fleck 5600SXT now? Here’s my final verdict:


    The Good

    There are a lot of great things to say about the Fleck 5600SXT, primarily for its efficient performance! After all, the main reason I invested in it was to get the softest water for ease of washing and bathing. Not only did my whole household get the quality water we needed but we didn’t have to worry about the hassle of installing or maintaining the device either!


    The Fleck 5600SXT 48000 Grain Water Softener takes a mere three hours to install and you can do it on your own, saving money from an expensive plumber. The LCD display also makes it efficient to control and adjust the settings when needed, so I know I won’t be wasting water or salt if it isn’t in use. And with its excellent warranty and customer service, you have assured a quality water softener without any issues for years to come.


    Compared to any other model, I feel like this water softener wins in almost all aspects!


    The Bad

    But of course, the Fleck 5600SXT Water Softener does have its downfalls as well. For starters, I disliked how you’ll need to backwash and flush the unit more than what was said (before using it). You’ll need to backwash and run all water for about half an hour or more until everything subsided. Furthermore, the brine tank wasn’t exactly a helpful addition to the water softener, I saw it as a trash can or waste of space.


    The control head is a bit flimsy as well so you will need to ensure that you are careful when screwing it on. Also, when installing it, you have to consider where to put it because the tank is a bit tall and won’t be able to fit in tight areas.


    But these are just small inconveniences compared to the excellent performance and quality water the device can provide. Again, it’s all about the careful installation and following the instructions to ensure that everything works properly.


    If you do come across any problems or issues during installation or while using the water softener, then their customer service will be more than accommodating to help you find a remedy or have parts repaired and replaced.


    The Ugly

    As for the ugly side of the Fleck 5600SXT, I’m glad to report that I haven’t experienced any at all. It may have a few disadvantages but this really depends on the way you install it and understand the instructions. As long as you continue to keep the water softener clean and well-maintained, you won’t have any issues with it. I love the Fleck 5600SXT Water Softener and it’s tough to beat against all other competitors!


    Wrapping It Up

    The Fleck 5600SXT is one of the best water softeners I have had in the household. Not only is it at the right size to soften water for my family but I love the fact that it’s easy to install, compact, and effortless to use. It gets the job done efficiently and without the hassle. Known to last for a long time, it saves me a lot of money and gives me the quality water my home needs.

    Hopefully, my Fleck 5600SXT review helped you become a bit more informed about the product, and overall, about what you should invest in for your home water softening system and plumbing. So don’t wait any longer and make the right purchase today!

    For those who have any questions or would like to share their own Fleck 5600SXT reviews, then do post your comments below. All your input and contributions are much appreciated.