Nuvo H2O Reviews – Is it Really Efficient? What is Chelation Technology?

The moment I found out I had hard water in my household, I began searching up on the best water softeners. After doing more research on how water softeners work to help me find a good model, I realized that salt-free systems are a great option, still changing the water's hardness without the sodium content. It's healthy and gets the job done! But with that being said, finding a reputable system was a bit confusing. That is until I found out about the Nuvo H2O.

But what is it about the Nuvo H2O that stands out against all the other types of salt-free water softeners? Read on as I show you my Nuvo H2O reviews and talk about everything you need to know about this amazing system!

What Is Chelation Technology?

The Nuvo H20 works by undergoing a process known as Chelation, which involves binding or stabilizing the mineral ions that are naturally contained in hard water. The chelant found in CitraCharge will create a ring structure, which binds the ions to it rather than to other ions that cause scale and hard water deposits.

So the Nuvo H20 doesn't work like your traditional salt-based water softener. It works by binding and isolating calcium ions, which prevent these from precipitating out of the water and forming limescale. When the ions are bound to the CitraCharge (which us the chelant of Nuvo H2O), the minerals in hard water won't be able to form scale.

The CitraCharge formula from Nuvo H2O's system would stop mineral ions that cause hard water problems by separating the minerals from the water. The minerals will then wash away from whatever you wash, may it be your body or dishes.

Nuvo H2O Technical Specifications


This does not use salt to remove minerals but nanotechnology to change the water's structure and reduce limescale buildup. It requires a filter for operation. Unlike the conventional water softener, it prevents calcium from forming limescale, so the minerals are still there, making it better for drinking.

High Capacity

The Nuvo H2O is best for the average family or household of four people, with up to 60,000-gallon capacity before you need to change the filter. It also has a water flow rate of about 15 gallons per minute

Compact Design

Nuvo H2O has a super compact size of 8x29 inches, which is ideal for all homes and small spaces. They are designed for homes with 2,100 square feet or more.


The water softener comes with a built-in bypass and pressure release valve, making it easy to switch on and off when needed.

Pros and Cons

  • Better tasting water compared to using a salt-based water softener
  • There will be no limescale and prevents buildup with salt-free units' advanced technology
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty and money back guarantee
  • Very easy to install, usually takes about an hour and can be done alone. Comes with a detailed manual and helpful customer service
  •  Simple to use the system. It doesn't need electricity, salts, or magnets. You can set it up anywhere without the need for drain or calibration
  •  There are no additives or salt required to make it soften water
  •  A small and slim system that's still enough for an average household
  • It isn't for water that is harder than 10 GPG or more
  • It would require replacement filter cartridges about two times a year. The filter replacement is expensive
  • There have been users that claim that it doesn't soften water (though these users have very hard water)

Nuvo H2O Reviews

Physical Overview

When I first got the Nuvo H2O, I was surprised with its compact size. For such a small machine, it was able to pack a ton of power and successfully "soften" our water. The system is lightweight and compact, easily fitting in any small space. It was perfect for our small home, and I didn't need to worry about carrying it or assembling. Additionally, everything arrived completely and intact.


Once I had everything set up and began running the water, I liked how it made a difference with limescale buildup. There was less staining on the things I washed, as well as better quality water while I took a bath. Additionally, the water was safe to drink as well, without the icky or slimy feel to it. Environment-friendly and healthy to consume, I give the Nuvo H20 plus points for its performance!


I am impressed with its performance because it's straightforward to run. You just set it up and run your water as usual. The flow rate is efficient, and you won't need to bother about the water levels anytime soon. The system works well and has the reliable machinery to last. Just take note of the lifespan of your cartridge so you'll be able to replace it and figure out the costs.

Availability and Nuvo H2O Price

The Nuvo H2O is available in most local stores and online stores. There is no worry about shipment because the manufacturers ensure that everything arrives in excellent condition. As for the Nuvo H2O price, expect it to be a bit more expensive than some water softeners but with the durability to last a lifetime, making it worth its price.

Comparing To Other Models

Compared to other salt-free water softeners, I can say that the Nuvo H2O is one of the most efficient ones out there, with a higher capacity and flow rate than most brands. I also like its compact design and the fact that you won't need to replace its filter every few months. It takes up less space, still "softens" water efficiently and with better specs overall.

Installation and Maintenance

I like the fact that the Nuvo H2O was incredibly easy to install. I didn't need to hire a professional or ask anyone for help. It only took an hour and reading the manual to get everything up and running. Maintenance is a breeze too, only requiring a filter replacement once or twice a year. A bit expensive to replace the filters but you've got a machine to last for a lifetime, so it's still a worthy investment.

Warranty and Manual

The Nuvo H2O comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, as well as a lifetime warranty to ensure that you have a system that will last for the long run. This is a huge advantage I appreciate the system and company!

Besides that, it comes with a helpful and detailed manual that makes it easy to install and maintain. You'll understand the manual given without hassle and be able to have the quality water you desire.

Is The Nuvo H20 Suitable For Me?

After having tested it for a few months now, I can say that the Nuvo H20 is an excellent investment for those who have hard water of only up to 10 GPG. It's efficient and works quickly, providing an impressive flow rate and capacity. Plus, I love its compact size, making it easy to install and set up anywhere you need in your home, may it be a house or small condo. It's best suitable for small households with a certain hardness of water, along with those who would still like to have the healthy minerals in their water for drinking. But if you have extremely hard water at home, then it's best to get a salt-based water softener.

My Verdict

The Go​​​​​​​​​od

I love everything about the Nuvo H2O because it successfully softened my water enough to prevent limescale. While it doesn't remove the minerals entirely, that's what makes it healthy to drink. Additionally, its compact size and ease of installation make it less of a hassle to assemble and maintain, making it a significant investment. With its hassle-free maintenance and filter replacement, as well as its lifetime warranty, you have assured something that will last for the long run.

The Bad

I did not experience any bad side to the Nuvo H20, but after reading a few reviews and talking with people who did use the system, I learned that it wasn't the best for households with very hard water. Remember that salt-free water softeners like the Nuvo H2O don't really soften water because the calcium ions are still there, chelation technology just prevents it from building up scale that makes your faucets or what you wash from staining. It isn't the best for those with extremely hard water at home.

The Ugly

Personally, I do not find anything ugly about the Nuvo H20. Sure, it may not be suitable for all households because of their water hardness, but if your water isn't too hard, then you'll be able to enjoy healthy and quality water that prevents any buildup of scale from coming into your home. I would still recommend it to many families because of its incredible benefits!

Wrapping It Up

If your water in your household isn't "too hard," then a salt-free water softener is an excellent choice. Not only does it alter the mineral content of your water but it's also a healthier option if you do not want any traces of sodium in what you drink or wash with. And with the Nuvo H20, you'll be able to enjoy quality water you can use to wash and drink with.

I hope that this article on the Nuvo H2O gave you an idea on what you need for your household today. So what are you waiting for? Invest in a Nuvo H2O today and enjoy what it's got to offer.

If you have any questions or would like to share your own Nuvo H2O reviews, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.