Steps To Maintain Water Softener

Water softener is an equipment that easily converts hard water to soft water by removing the calcium and magnesium ions. This system is very compact and easy to install inside the premises. Also, proper care should be given to maintaining the unit for the continuous functioning. The maintenance procedure is simple to follow. Let us make simpler by following the below steps:

Step 1: Salt Level

  •  The maintenance starts initially from checking the level of the salt in the tank. The salt is used for the regeneration process. Thus the level of salt tends to change often.
  • So it is essential to properly maintain the level of salt in order to get the best result from the water softener. There will be a level indicator in the tank that mentions low/medium/high.
  • It is always necessary to maintain the medium level. The tank must contain salt up to the medium level to give maximum purity to the water.

Step 2: Adding Salt

  •  The level of salt may differ from one model to other models of water softener. It is recommended to read the user manual for exact maintenance of salt level in the tank.
  • So it’s your duty to maintain the instruction manual carefully. It is important to periodically check the salt level.

Step 3: What salt to add?

  •  There are three types of salts – Tablet, Granular, and Block that are used in the softener for a better result. Each model may differ in the types of salts used for the regeneration process.
  • The salt selection is determined by the water softener manufacturers. It is advised to use the salt that comes with the product when purchased.
  • Tablet is the commonly used salt which dissolves easily without sediments.

Step 4: Check Regularly & Clean

It is compulsory to inspect the system every two months under proper guidance and supervision. If any stain found in the tank must be cleaned, so that further formation can be stopped. The cleaning can be done every three months.

Bottom Line

It is crucial to regularly maintain the water softener system with special care. When taken special care the system will function for a long duration. If any major issues arise, it is always recommended to consult the technical team to repair the product. Note that most of the systems have a warranty. So act wisely in utilizing the schemes.

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