Water Softener Reviews 2020 – Best Water Softener Systems Compared

For most of us, drinking hard water is not an issue. And the reason for such misconception is the lack of knowledge about hard water’s adverse effects. Cut to the chase; we shouldn’t use hard water for home or industrial use. You may have faced or heard about costly breakdowns in cooling towers or boilers. Well, a hardness of water leads to such accidents. Talking about a domestic environment, because of hard water, there will be reduced formation of suds using soap. The limescale will build up in water heaters or other water equipment. In this situation, the water softener will be the life saviour!


You must always care about the water which you use at your home. The health of your family depends on the purity and softness of the water that you use. Water nowadays is polluted with chemicals and many other factors. The solution for all your hard water problems is to install the best water softener system which has the capability to provide pure and soft water.

Best Water Softener of 2020 - Fleck 5600SXT

From the expert's desk, Fleck 5600SXT is the best water softener system out there. For moderate to very hard water, this softener proves to be awesome. For medium households having 3 bathrooms and 5-6 family members, this will provide sufficient supply of soft water.

Just install the Fleck 5600SXT and forget about water softening! The pipes, appliances, water and most importantly you will stay safe after using this system!


Why would anyone buy a water softener if he has no idea about hard water’s effect? That’s why I devised this section. So, What’s exactly the hard water? The raw water that contains a substantial amount of different kinds of ions and minerals. Mainly features compounds of calcium and magnesium. The water picks up minerals when passes through the soil layers.

To be honest, Hard water is of no use! It can cause many problems, I have listed a few them as follows:


​If you wash your glass dishes using hard water, they will end up with stubborn spots. And these spots are hard to remove!


​Hard water has negatives effects on your skin and hair. In most cases, hair loss is the most common problem caused by a hardness of water.


Soaps are supposed to help in cleaning. But if you use hard water, the soap ingredients will react with minerals found in water. As a result, your sink or showers will be filled with soap scum! And it does not look good!


Limescale will easily build up in the water pipes if you keep using the hard water. And if you keep doing that over a long period, the amount of limescale will be incremented drastically. And the worst part, this will block the water flow in the pipe!


​Water appliances such as dishwashers, Kettles or heaters are very sensitive to hard water. It can reduce the efficiency and lifespan of water machines very quickly. Because the limescale or scum is building up in your machines eventually! And trust me, no one can afford to replace these appliances from time to time!


​The clothes will lose their softness and real texture if washed continuously with hard water. In fact, after sometime, the grayish tinge will be formed on them. They will become rough and scratchy. Who wants to wear such oddly looking clothes? No one!


The cons of hard water are pretty scary. So, what’s the solution? Well, just install the water softener system! That’s it!
You must be wondering about the process of water softening. Basically, this process refers to the removal of calcium, magnesium and metallic cations from the water. So, you can get soft water which is perfect for residential and commercial use! You can use the water without worrying about negative effects!

85 %
Of people get hard water
30 %
Of these people use water softener

Finding the best water softener is a tedious task for anyone. Because most of the time, people have no clue about this device. Secondly, they have no idea what type of water softener will be great for their requirements. And in the end, which brand to pick? Also, considering size, features and price range! Don’t worry; this guide will answer all of your questions!



Before you decide to get the best water softener, you must confirm the hardness of your water. There is no point of getting a water softener if it is already free from metallic or magnesium ions.
Now, again you must be thinking how can we sure about water hardness? Luckily, there is the easiest way to it.

  • You need a clean and empty plastic body.
  • You need a clean and empty plastic body.
  • Add few drops of dishwashing liquid or detergent.
  • Shake it little!


The above experiment will produce either of following outcomes:

  • If the water became soapy within few seconds, you need to relax. It is clear indicating that water is not that hard. You can buy simple or basic magnetic or salt-free softener as per your need.
  • If the water came up with curd like film over the water surface, this is an alarming situation. You better get the best water softener as soon as possible!
  • Important Note: To measure water hardness accurately, please use a water hardness testing kit.


If you are looking for a water softener for your home, you are at the right spot!

Generally, there are four different types of water softening systems. Each of them works awesome. Of course, each type is available for the specific set of requirements. We will explain each type with the features! So, you can get the ideal system for your home!



Cut to the chase; the Reverse Osmosis System works as a filter! Not softening system!

It pressurizes the water to pass through a thin semi-permeable membrane. To be honest, this thin film is designed to filter the impurities. It is so thin that only water can pass through it. This system features a tank that gets the filtered water. Once a tank is full, it will shut down the supply!

As mentioned earlier, it is not a pure water softener. If the water is creating severe damage, this machine won’t be useful for you. But we have one unit that is a filter but also acts as water softening machine. I am talking about Fleck 5600SXT with Iron Pro 2.


  • Filter and remove the excessive iron from the watering
  • No need to use additives
  • Inexpensive to use
  • Compact size
  • Won’t be hard in your pocket


  • It does not reduce the hardness in water.
  • It drains out all the essential nutrients from the water.


As the name implies, the water softening is done using the salt ions. In this system, hard ions get replaced with soft ions like sodium or salt ions. This machine comes with a compartment known as brine tank. For proper working of the softener, you need to top up the brine chamber on a regular basis.

As said in the start, regular regeneration of is essential for smooth working. What is it? Well, when the chamber is filled with ions, you need to flush them. The systems come with different settings like Timer, meter or manual regeneration. You must pick the unit with meter regeneration. If you want to get the best water softener with meter regeneration, Fleck 5600 SXT will be the best!

Important Note:

If you want to filter water for drinking purpose, don’t use salt based system. As the water will have sodium in high quantity, and that is not suitable for health. Don’t use it for drinking or cooking!


  • Perfect for long term usage
  • Reduces the hardness in watering
  • Requires little maintenance


  • Occupies ample space
  • For discharge, a drain is needed to be placed nearby brine chamber
  • Initial costs are high


Right now, salt-free water softening system is the trendiest technology to make water softer. But it is not as effect as salt based system, still works awesomely!

A unique nanotechnology is the main feature of salt-free softeners. Basically, it performs following two things:

Hard water can build a matter or scale in pipes; that can block the flow of water.

If you use a salt free system, you will get rid of matter build up in pipes.The nanotechnology changes the atomic structure of water to reduce the hardness in water.

Important Note:

They won’t be as useful as salt based system. If you want the strongest water softener, 5600SXT is the winner!


  • No need to use additives like salts
  • Operating cost is lower
  • Maintenance is easier
  • Environment friendly
  • Get rid of matter build up
  • A drain chamber is not required


  • It won’t work when water hardness is beyond 8 GPG!
  • Quite expensive!


Magnetic water softeners are creating such hype in the market for being inexpensive and small in size. But they are not as efficient as salt based systems. In this system, magnetic wires or bars are used to soften the water. Magnetic field alters the atomic structure of water.

Unlike other types, the softening is done for specific time period. Usually, magnetic system paralyzes the hardness for 48 hours. After that, water goes back to normal state again!


  • No additives required
  • Operating cost is low
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Budget friendly


  • Not a permanent solution, as water becomes harder after 48 hours
  • Not useful when hardness is over 8 GPG
  • Not 100% effective!


85% of the people in the United States are using hard water for their day-to-day activities. I myself face the problem of hard water when I travel to different locations in the United States.

Now that you have decided that you need a water softener installed at your home, However, you will be facing the dilemma of choosing the best water softener systems from a wide list of available hard water softeners.

That’s where my guide will come to your rescue. Here, I’ll first show you a comparison chart of the 10 best water softeners followed by a detailed review of each water softener. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started.

Best Water Softeners of 2020 - Reviews, Ratings and Comparisons


Fleck 5600sxt is the best water softener for your home needs. As you know Fleck is one of the best brands offering home appliances for an extended period. The products of Fleck are known to last longer than other brands and provide maximum performance.

The best thing about Fleck 5600sxt water softener is that it protects your household plumbing pipes from corroding due to hard water. 5600sxt is the best model, and it can supply water for your entire house. It will make you forget about hard water issues once and for all.

Fleck 5600sxt (check lowest priceremoves the hardness causing agents such as calcium and magnesium ions from the water which provides us soft water pleasant for usage.

Most of the buyers are satisfied with the features that this top-rated water softener offers. The best feature of this water softener is that it has an on-demand control valve which means the generation of water is based on your requirement.

It doesn’t always regenerate water but only generates when there is a need. This on-demand control valve improves the efficiency and performance of this model. You can program the system based on your water requirement so that you are not wasting any water.

It has an onboard capacitor which maintains the right time up to 48 hours even after the power cut. It also has a digital control head with touch controls to control the functioning of the water softener system which was not available in the previous models of Fleck. It is very user-friendly and easy to use.

The tank is made of poly glass which has a very durable lifespan. The manufacturer gives 10 years of warranty for the tank and five years for the electronics used in the system. It can supply for a household of up to 6 with a water moderate to hard. The brine tank coming along with this water softener has a capacity of 250 lbs along with the safety float which prevents overfilling.

Installation is pretty easy and simple. You can follow simply follow this guide for installation.


  • Meter Regeneration Reduces Operating Costs – When it comes to a water softener, the one with meter regeneration is easy to maintain. The renewal is dependent upon water usage. Also, when water usage is low or high, the softener will keep working at the reasonable level. This way, the running cost will be lower.
  • Risk-Free Warranty – You will be pleased to know that you receive the five-year warranty on the softener system. While tank comes with the ten-year warranty. The company knows that Fleck 5600 is built for lifetime usage. Even after aggressive use, it will survive for five years at least.
  • Control Panel Makes Life Easier – You can control everything using the LCD with touch pad controls.
  • Easy Installation – If you have basic plumbing skills, you can install this machine with DIY installer package.
  • Value For Money – This level of performance costs more than $1000. That is not the case with 5600 softeners. In short, great value for your investment.


  • Bulkier & Heavier – It is much heavier and bulkier than your expectation. So, be prepared with the room and manpower to install it. Don't think; it is one man job!
  • Salt Level Monitoring - As said earlier, it is a salt based system. After the regular period, you need to change the salt pellets.

Best Suited For

Families of 3-6 people with maximum three bathrooms

People who don't want to do hassle. As it regenerates based on the usage.

The areas with moderate to very hard water.

NOT Suited For

Such bulky machine is not best for very small household.

If you have large home with 3+ bathrooms or water usage is high, this won't work for you.

If you are on sodium restricted diet, don't pick this one!​


NuvoH20 Manor is a very good water softener. Though there are so many salt-free water softeners available in the market today, this is the best of all of them.

One of the major features of Nuvoh20 is that it doesn’t use salt for softening the water and hence is a salt-free water softener.

The water purified by nuvoh20 is not affected by any adulterants or salt.The manor purification system used in the model helps in lowering the pH level through a chelation process.

Chelation is a process in which all the hard minerals and corrosion causing substances in the water are made soluble so that they cannot stick to the plumbing pipes are appliances. The major advantage of using nuvoh20 water softener is that it provides complete assistance for hard water build up and corrosion. This water softener can be used for households with more than six people and be having a space of 2000 sq.ft.


  • Removal And Prevention Of Scale Formation - This salt-free water softener uses specialized technology to produce soft water. Unlike other systems, it transforms the atomic structure of hard water. Because of this, the existing scale gets removed, and no scale would build up in future.
  • Great Drinking Water - The salt based systems alter the taste of water. This is not the case here. In fact, you do not have to add potassium to the processed water.
  • Ease Of Use - You do not have to do any hassle. AS this system does not use salts, electricity, magnets or waste to run. Moreover, operating the shut-off valve or filter is damn easy.


  • Replacing Costs - Yes, you do not have to add salts in this system. However, you need to change the filter after some time. Like each cartridge will process the water for 6 months. After that, you must replace it with the new one; that costs $50-$100.
  • Not Recommended For Hard Water & Well Water - As cartridge cost is high, using this system will be way too expensive in case of very hard or well water.

Best Suited For

Customers who need simple and easy water softening system

If you water to be tasty, this system is best

Because of slim and small design, it is ideal for small household


If the water hardness crosses over 10GPG, this will break your bank.

If you are using well water, the sediments in it will block the system.


If you are a traveler or a person offering services in a truck throughout the city, Watts RV PRO-1000 is the perfect choice for you. The best advantage of this model is that it can be easily carried and is very portable.

Am myself a traveler and regularly go for camping and various other tasks around the country. Hard water is one of the biggest issues which I face every time. Having a portable water softener like Watts RV PRO-1000 OR M7002 (Check Lowest Price) helps me a lot.

You can carry it just like another luggage though it has a moderate 8×22 size. Another advantage of this model is that you need not carry specialized water softener salt in heavy bags like used in most of the other water softeners. This is because Watts RV PRO-1000 OR M7002 is using normal table salt.

You need 2 lbs of salt for every regeneration process. Regeneration is really fast and finishes in 20 minutes after beginning the process. Also, it’s installation is pretty easy and straight  forward and you can do it yourself.

Test strips are provided with the water softener so that you can test the hardness of water before and after water softening process. It weighs about 9 pounds and is considered as one of the best portable water softeners available in the market with hundreds of positive reviews.


  • Compact Design – The designers made this system with portability in mind. It is 21” taller with 9.5” diameter, making is super compact. Next time you go on camping, you can take the softener with you.
  • Hard Water Testing Strips – This packages comes with testing strips. You can simply use them to check hardness level before and after processing the water.
  • Efficient Regeneration – because of the flow restrictor, less amount of water will be drained. Secondly, recovery only takes 20 minutes.


  • Hose Fitting Won't Rotate – This can be an issue if you are using a log hose. The simple solution is to use snap-in type connector instead of default fitting.
  • Manual Regeneration – Being a portable system, you have to do forced regeneration. You can't enjoy automated renewal on this machine.

Best Suited For

Perfect for travelers

Best softening system for small households


Don't get it for the large home with multiple bathrooms.


Waterboss 220 is another very good water softener that can provide efficient supply for your entire house. It comes with a grain removal capacity of 22,000 grains. This model softens more than 70 grains per gallon of water and reduces the iron, dirt and sediment to up to 20 microns. It’s a good choice for a family having up to four members.

The compact design of Waterboss water softener allows it to easily fit it in a compact space. However, it’s compact size doesn’t affect the functioning. As per the manufacturer, this unit can finish the regeneration process within 18 minutes utilizing 2.5 salt setting. Since it uses very less time for regeneration process, the water utilized in the process is very less.

Tip: More the time a water softener takes for softening, more is the water utilized.

The company offers three years warranty for the product along with the electronics used in it.

You can install this water softener yourself as it comes with all the necessary things you need to fit it. Waterboss 220 water softener(Check Lowest Priceis offering safe and healthy water to thousands of homes in the United States.


  • Easy Installation – The installation can be done in four simple steps. One with basic technical skills can install it easily.
  • On Demand Regeneration – Regeneration is done on demand. This way, less water is wasted. Secondly, less amount of scale or sediments will build up in pipes.
  • Compact Design - It weighs 70 pounds, but it covers space of 18.8 x 14.8 x 25.8 inches only.


  • Heavier – As said above, it weighs 70 lbs. That won't be an issue unless you have put on the shelf.

Best Suited For

Perfect for the medium household.

Anyone with basic plumbing skills will love it.


If you want something lighter and portable, this is not for you.


Morton Salt MSD34C is another compact water softener that does not occupy too much space in your house but at the same time provides water softening and conditioning for your entire house. The reason for its compact size is that it does not have a separate mineral or brine tank. They are combined into one tank that serves both the functions.

It is one of the best cost-effective models available in the market which utilizes only half the amount of salt used by other models. Water softening in Morton Salt water softener is by the use of common ion exchange technology in which calcium and magnesium ions are exchanged with softness causing agents like sodium. The exchange of ions takes place in the tiny resin beads placed in a chamber through which the water passes through.

The capacity of this Morton Salt MSD34C water softener (Check Lowest Price) is about 34,000 grains and hence it is not suitable for very big families. If you are a big family, you can check other water softeners listed above.

Installing this Morton water softener is not a tough task and it has all the required stuff in it along with the guide which will help you through the installation.


  • Comes In One Unit – Everyone hates dealing with brine tank, drain compartment and water tank, etc. Well, save your life by getting Morton system. As it comes in one unit. That's it!
  • Regenerates When Needed – It is a product of cutting edge technology. The water won't be regenerated frequently. It works when there is a necessity.
  • Fiber Glass – The softener has a resin tank composed of fiberglass, that's why it will last longer.


  • Heavier – It weighs 91 pounds. If you want something portable, this one's not for you.

Best Suited For

For big households.

When water is very hard.


If you want simple and automated softener, this won't help.

To remove sediments and maintain taste, you may need to use additives


Iron pro 2 combination water softener is all in one water softener that comes along with both water softener and water filter. It is considered as
the best choice for your full house use. It can solve all your hard problems.

It has a grain capacity of 64000 grains along with the fine mesh resin which facilitates very good iron removal from the hard water.

It is capable of removing hardness up to 75 gpg. It also removes iron, manganese, sediment, sand and dust from the water thus providing
a very long life to the plumbing fixtures and pipes. The best part is that it eliminates red staining due to iron and manganese deposit. (Check Lowest Price)

The system involves in a meter based regeneration process. It means the system calculates the amount of water utilized and only regenerates when there is a requirement.Fleck 5600SXT Digital Control valve is used in this water softener.


  • All In One Unit – This high-performance water softener comes as one unit. So, less confusion for a buyer. Everything this system does is visible on the digital control panel.
  • High Output – This system is made for the high put. Surprisingly, it handles up to 64000 grains, hardness up to 75 GPG and eliminates iron up to 6-8ppm. Not to mention, it also takes down sand, rust or sediment.
  • Smart Regeneration – It regenerates without interrupting your water usage.


  • Heavier & Bigger – It weighs around 200 pounds. This way, installation or carriage of this softener is not one man job. Be careful, otherwise you might hurt!

Best Suited For

Best model for medium or large homes.

High capacity softener


Won't work for small houses.

As compared to other models, it is pricier.


Aquasana EQ-SS20 soft water softener is one of the cheap water softeners available in the market with various features. It offers you salt-free water softening technology named as SLOW PHOS.

It is a patented technology developed by aqua sauna which conditions and softens the water thus preventing the plumbing pipes from corrosion.

Slow PHOS means the water softener naturally conditions the water by altering the ionic charges of the hardness causing mineral carbonate crystals thereby reducing the attraction of ions in the water.

Since the ionic charges are altered the hard minerals will not have the ability to attach together or clump to the pipes causing corrosion. Other salt based water softeners will demineralize your water while Aquasana EQ-SS20(Check Lowest Pricewill not cause any demineralisation since it only adds limited sodium as per requirement. Hence there is no negative effect on the environment and is named as an Eco-friendly water softener.

Most people who have purchased Aquasana EQ-SS20 has a positive review due to the performance and value for the price of this product. Aquasana manufactures not only water softeners but also Aquasana shower filters.


  • High Output – This can produce 7 gallons of soft water per minute. This is more than enough for any medium house.
  • Made In USA – Every single part has been produced in the USA. It means whether the new unit or any replaced component, the quality will remain same.
  • Tastier Water With Aroma – It removes the particles and chemicals from hard water. So, that you can get tastier water with good smell.


  • Complicated Installation – You must contact professionals for installing this unit. This is not one man job.
  • Covers Large Area – It was made for large households. So, please arrange an area of 44 x 46 x 9” to install this softener.

Best Suited For

For families, who need fresh water instantly

Perfect solution for large households


No need to get for small flats. It will cost a lot.

It is a water filter not a softener.


As another water softener offering salt-free water softening, Aquios Full House Water Softener is getting good reviews from around the world. If you’re looking for a complete solution that offers water conditioning, water filtration and is capable of eliminating scales without pressure loss then this is the right product for your home.

Aquios Full House Water Softener(Check Lowest Pricehas a very compact design with regular is no maintenance. There is no need for you to program or supply electricity to this model. It has a six-month cartridge life and is considered as one of the best choices for commercial water conditioning.

This Aquios water softener is capable of providing clean and healthy water by removing calcium, magnesium, chlorine and other pollutants that cause hard water.


  • Salt-Free System – This system runs without any salt pellets. You ca save a lot, especially if you are advised to follow sodium restricted diet.
  • Ease Of Use – The management of this softener system is damn easy. Just install it and get the soft water. All you have to do is change the cartridge after 6-12 months.
  • Reduced Scale Build Up – Salt-free system changes the atomic makeup of water. It means, no chances of scale build in pipes.


  • Filter Cartridges Cost A lot – Depending upon the usage, you need to change the cartridge. For each piece, you have to pay $59 - $69.
  • Not Designed For Very Hard Water – This softener has been built to cope up with hard water only.

Best Suited For

If you want softener plus filter, it is the best choice.

This works for medium households.

Awesome for people on sodium restricted diet.


Households with very hard water.

Water with abnormal sedimentary problems.


Clearwave electronic water softener system differs from other normal water softeners and is called as a salt-free water conditioner.

The reason it is called as electronic water softener is because it uses electromagnetic waves for water conditioning.

It helps in removing hard scales from water and is capable of working in both hot and cold water systems.

After using this water softener system(Check Lowest Price) you will be able to notice much fewer scales and stains in toilets and in faucets.


  • Light Weight And Compact – Unlike conventional water softening system, it is smaller and light weight. Simple to install, remove or manage!
  • Inexpensive – Both initial and running costs are relatively low as compared to other softeners.
  • Green Option – If you are into saving the environment, this is the best option. As there is no need for brine tanks, so no discharge of salt pellets or waste.


  • Won't Eliminate Hard Water – Magnetic systems only delay the effects of hard water but do not remove it completely. If the water is very hard, this might not work for you.
  • Must Be Installed Inside – Before buying this system, make sure you have a place inside the house. In outdoor, the weather can affect the performance of computer system.

Best Suited For

Works awesome when hard water problems are not extensive

The environment conscious people will love it.


For household with multiple bathrooms

When water is very hard


Eddy electronic descaler is an alternate to normal water softeners and is very effective in preventing calcium, magnesium and manganese salts from getting deposited to the faucets or bathroom. It reduces the effects of all the above said salts and hence they are not able to deposit to taps. There is no water wastage or extra water usage like conventional water softeners. It uses electromagnetic waves for water softening.

Installing eddy electronic descaler is very easy and hence you need not hire a plumber to do this for you. There are two kinds fitted around the pipes carrying water through which the electronic waves pass to water which prevents scaling. (Check Lowest Price)

It is not a water softener and its main purpose is to prevent scaling deposits on the pipes. It may not be suitable for extremely hard water.


  • Super Compact Size – If we take other systems into consideration, this is amazingly small. We can call it a quick and easy solution to hard water.
  • Running Costs Are Low – No salts, no additives, no maintenance! This system just consumes 5 watts! That's it!
  • Nutrient Benefits – It suspends the hard water effects but keeps the minerals like calcium intact.


  • Temporary Solution – It delays the hard water effects just for 48 hours. After that, it will revert back the adverse consequences. Because if magnetic based system.
  • Useless on Iron Pipes – If the water pipes are of lead or iron, this system is a complete failure. As magnetic effects cannot be exercised on lead or iron.

Best Suited For

Households with low hardness level.

Perfect for green conscious people.


If you have more than 2 bathrooms, don't use this one.

If the water hardness is over 20 GPG, this system won't help you


Now that you know the 10 best water softeners for your whole house usage, we believe that it wouldn’t be a tough task for you to decide the best one for your house depending on your requirements. We have listed most water softeners that supply to the house including your kitchen, basin, and shower.

There are also other options like in-line water filters, reverse osmosis systems which are capable of purifying water to a great extent. It is you who have to decide the best product by carefully analyzing all your requirements. You can also check out Whirlpool Water softener system reviews for your home.

Our review and rating on this website are based on our own usage and the reviews which we get from our readers. If you have something to add based on your experience, do let us know.