Waterboss Water Softeners Reviews

There are wide varieties of water softener sold by Waterboss that softens the water by removing the unwanted minerals that cause water to be hard. During softening, minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron and other certain metals are removed to offer pure water. The water can be softened by connecting the Waterboss softener directly to the water supply. Now, let’s look into the details of each model.

WaterBoss 950 Water Softener

WaterBoss 950 is specially designed to supply pure water for those who have installed it in their premises located in cities. The softener functions properly in removing the harmful minerals from the water.


The chlorine filter does the job of removing the chlorine from the water, thus providing tasty water for drinking. It has got a built-in sediment filter for self-cleaning which means there are no cartridges to change. It has got a capacity of 22,000 grains that softens up to 35 grains per gallon.


The cleaning process takes 19 minutes to regenerate 15 gallon of water that helps to saves time and water. This equipment is considered as the whole-house softener. There is an indicator light that indicates the operation of the softener.

The design of the tank is compact that fits in a small area. The softener requires 2.5 pounds of salt for the regeneration process. The water from the softener releases to the shower and appliances at low pressure that provides efficient usage. Install & Warranty

This unit includes an installation DVD to install with an ease. It is a trust-worthy product with 3 years warranty for valve and 10 years for tank & cabinet.

WaterBoss 900

WaterBoss 900 is unique for its size that suits for large families. Its capacity is huge when compared to other models.


It provides 36,400 grains capacity to soften up to 90 grains per gallon of water. It is considered as the high-end model from Waterboss. It is recommended to use when the water is hard or contains more calcium and magnesium. The flow of water is 10 gpm at the rate of 15 psi that runs with low pressure in the shower or any other appliances. This unit requires 3 pounds of salt to
waterboss2-300x207 regenerate 14 gallons of water in 20 minutes.


This unit has an iron water filter that reduces the level of hazardous ferrous iron up to 10 ppm. The factory installed bypass provides longer life for the filter.

Safe & friendly

Thus, it is highly standard and efficient softener. It contains an automatic safety shut off valve to prevent overflow of water. An indicator light helps to know the functioning of the unit. It is user-friendly with minimal maintenance charges and can be the right choice for the buyers.

Install & Warranty

This unit can be installed easily by following the instruction manual. The product comes with external warranty for its parts.

WaterBoss 700

WaterBoss 700 is exclusive that suits for medium sized families. The tank in this softener is built into the salt reservoir that holds up to 120 pounds of salt.


When compared to the other models, the flow of water is 16 gpm at the rate of 15 psi with more flow capacity and low pressure into the showers & other appliances. This unit is fitted with sediment filter that removes 10 ppm of ferrous iron. The regeneration process will be completed in just 17 minutes that requires hardly 2.5 pounds of salt to filter 12 gallons of water. It has a moderate 22,000 grains capacity to soften 70 grains of hard minerals from a gallon of water.waterboss-3-237x300


It contains a compact LCD panel for providing information. The unit is built with an integrated bypass and 12V power saving electronic circuit.


It is a style and durable product with 3 years warranty in valve and 10 years for tank & cabinet.

WaterBoss 225

waterboss 225

WaterBoss 225 has got almost all of the features of Model 900 with a lower price tag. This unit is compact and suits larger families. It is an ultra powerful unit that handles 36,400 grains capacity. The regeneration process takes more time than the other models. The unit softens the water in 38 minutes that removes 90 grains per gallon. It requires 6 pounds of salts for the regeneration process. It comes with LCD panel that displays the regeneration timing.

All the Waterboss products have got a compact body, good designs and efficient performance for a longer duration.The parts of the softeners do the functions properly, thus the end result is good by supplying tasty water.

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