Whirlpool Water Softener Models -Reviewed

Whirlpool is one of the first companies developed by Lou Upton to manufacture fully-automatic washing machine and electric items. They are one of the best water softener systems out there.

Whirlpool advanced as one of the leaders in the field of preparing home appliances which include Whirlpool Water softener systems to solve hard water issues at home.  Without any doubt, these Whirlpool softeners are efficient in reducing the usage of energy and the hard water problems.

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However, before you jump into Whirlpool water softeners, It is our duty to let you know that our choice for the best water softener is Fleck 5600sxt.

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Whirlpool Water Softener Models:

If you have decided to install a water softener system at home, then some questions may arise in your mind like what to choose in case of hard water issues. The best decision is to choose the Whirlpool softener because of their qualified and well-certified features.

Read our review in order to make up your mind whether or not to go with Whirlpool Water softener system for your home.

Whirlpool WHES48 Model 48,000 Grain Water Softener:

Whirlpool WHES48 Model is one of the best sellers among Whirlpool Water Softeners which is an essential item for home consisting of more than 5 family members. It has a 48,000-grain capacity to face the requirements of water softening in all larger families.

Benefits of WHES48 Model:

  • It consists of 6th sense technology which minimizes the usage of salt that is needed for regeneration.
  • Constructed with the Demand Initiated Regeneration technology which makes the device to produce the soft water when it is on need.dis1-110x300
  • Implemented with the feature to remove an iron deposits up to 12 PPM in water with the maximum removal rate of 160 GPG.
  • This model comes with the EZ-touch technology advancement in technology through touch screen options.
  • Tracking status of gallons used in the rate flow through, consumption of water and the quantity of salt remains in the tank are provided by the water management information system.
  • Superflow high valve is injected up to 1 inch such that it warranted above 3 to 4 years.


Whirlpool WHES60 Model with 60,000 Grain Water Softener:

dis-2-300x300The Whirlpool WHES60 Pro model is designed with durable items designed with two tank system especially for the larger homes to rectify the hard water problems.

Capability: Its capacity is up to 60,000 grains.


  • Demand Regeneration is implemented with the system monitor to refer the status of the remaining salt content.
  • It consists of Low salt light indicators to rectify the need of salt.

Whirlpool WHESCS Wi-Fi 46,000 Grain Water Softener:

dis-3-200x300This type of softener indulged with the features of providing information status as well as customized alerts about the system malfunctioning. By providing this type of facility the system becomes optimally efficient. This product outcome with an advancement of Wi-Fi option that makes consumers feel the smart technology to adjust the settings to produce soft water when it is needed.

Capability: Its capacity is up to 46,000 grains.


  • Included with the Wi-Fi capability and 6th sense facility.
  • Performance alert is insisted with the DIY installation.
  • System monitor is implemented with the Low Salt Light Indicator.

Whirlpool WHESFC Model 31,000 Grain Water Softener:

dis4Generally, this type of system is an advanced system in Whirlpool version. The WHESFC Pro model used to drain the chlorine odor from water which provides a quality water for the total family.

Capability: Its capacity is up to 31,000 grains.


  • Included with the 6th sense facility.
  • It is a 2-in-1 System in-built with the Demand Regeneration system with the Low Salt Light Indicator.

Benefits of Whirlpool Softeners

Whirlpool softeners constructed is a durable system that helps to protect your appliances and pipes from damaging with the sedimentation due to hard water. The benefit of a Whirlpool softener provides low usage of detergents.

  • The water softeners constructed are energy efficient.
  • It needs only fewer detergents.
  • It is designed with the smart technology to enable the device to perform efficiently while saving on salt and water at the same time.

When you discuss Whirlpool, you can always assure with the fact that it is something advanced and hi-tech items. It is enabled with a Wi-Fi capable which is so unique and advanced compared to the other technologies in-built in most of the water softener systems. These devices are third-party inspected and certified by NSF such that it is a trust worthy item to buy.

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